About Us

The Signature DNA story begins in a state-of-the-art molecular lab with an eleven-year history of saving lives. Working with children’s hospitals across the U.S., this lab developed the fastest, most accurate DNA processing and pathogen identification methods, reducing patient wait-times from days or even weeks to hours.

Saving lives is a compelling mission, but there’s more to genetic science than quick-response medical research. There’s beauty and mystery in it, too. One of the reasons our founder, Flip Short, got into the DNA art business was that, “It’s just so cool to see the invisible thing that connects all of us, but makes each of us unique.”

Flip’s vision was of a cutting-edge DNA lab, a world-class design studio, and an unbeatable customer service organization, all rolled into one. That’s what we’ve created.  From our humble (but humming!) offices in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, we offer the highest-quality genetic portraits in the industry, and have pioneered DNA jewelry. And we do all the lab work in-house, which means quicker turnaround time and absolute security for your DNA and personal information.

So this “About Us” is really about you. Your uniqueness, how you seek out the beautiful and new, and the way you deserve to be treated: like the one-of-a-kind person you are.

Our Lab and Technology
Signature DNA’s laboratory is based on a long history as a pioneer in molecular diagnostics and related methods that provide precise findings about DNA. Read More

Our Promise to You
Everyone who works at Signature DNA Expressions respects the fact that when you send us a sample of someone’s DNA, you want us to treat it as we’d treat our own—with care. Read More