Using Your Kit

In your DNA collection kit you’ll find a mouth swab and a postage-paid mailer to send us your DNA sample.

Collecting Your DNA

  1. For best results, don’t eat, drink, smoke, or lick stuff in the 20 minutes prior to mouth-swabbing.
  2. Grasping the protective tube with one hand, remove the swab by pulling outward and twisting on the blue handle
    with the other hand. Don’t touch the tip of the swab.
  3. Maintaining your grip on the handle, roll the end of the swab against the inside of your cheek for about 20 seconds,
    or as long as it takes to sing the birthday song. (If it’s your birthday, so much the better!)
  4. Slide the swab back into the housing and snap the handle securely back into place. Again, try not to touch
    the tip of the swab against anything.


Enclose the DNA sample in the postage-paid mailer provided in your kit. Drop it in the nearest mailbox and complete your
order online, using the barcode from your kit.

NOTE: If you’re doing more than one swab job, be sure to keep the kits straight. You’ll need to know which barcode is whose.
We want the DNA to match your order!